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Review summary

E*Trade Financial

E-Trade Financial Corporation (E*TRADE) is a financial services company headquartered in New York City. 

It is an online discount stock brokerage firm for self-directed investors.  Investors can buy and sell such securities as stocks, bonds, options, mutual funds, and exchange-traded funds via electronic trading platforms, or by phone.

E-Trade Financial also provides banking services to retail investors, such as sweep deposits and savings products.

Customer Reviews
Expert Verdict

E*TRADE has a number of offices across the US, but shut down its offshore offices in locations such as Singapore and Hong Kong and the UK over the last few years.

E-Trade’s fees:

 We have set out some of the key fees below:

Stocks & Options trades                                      $6.95

Bonds                                                                      $0 to $20

Futures                                                                    $0 to $10

Funds (No load, no-transaction fee funds)       $0

Funds (Transaction fee funds)                             $19.99


A full schedule of fees can be found by clicking here.

Whilst trading is cheap, international investors will pay 30 percent dividend withholding taxes on US stocks.  Even worse, in the event of death you (or rather, your heirs) pay US estate taxes. 


The Pros

> Wide range of investments
> Low Cost
> Decent DIY platform
> Has a knowledge library

The Cons

> Complex choice of instruments
> No independent advice
> Dealing commissions
What are the main investment choices with E*Financial?

They range from the simple to the complex. Long term to short term. The beginner to the expert level, and include: -



Mutual funds




What is E*Trade Financial's Adaptive Portfolio?

Adaptive Portfolio is a professionally managed advisory programme from E*Trade Capital Management.

It blends technology and "the human touch" - and therefore isn't a plain auto-investing solution.

It invests in a portfolio of ETFs.

I disagree with your rating AES

You need to update your review - E*Trade doesn't just offer basic trading options for self-investors anymore, they also offer guided and managed solutions.

I'm based in the US and I have found them to be among the best - their fees schedule is reasonable and I'm happy with their service levels and the knowledge the offer is good too.

Expert Assessment of E*Trade Financial

Unless you are American, our advice is that this platform is best avoided.

If you are an existing investor with E*Trade Financial, we recommend you have a free, no obligation X-Ray Review™ conducted to find out the charges, access and terms applicable, and to highlight any better alternatives that likely exist for you.


E*Trade Financial Advisory Services

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