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PenTech says that they noticed the existence of an ever increasing, specific requirement for technical support for both international financial advisers and also international pension scheme providers.

PenTech has had major involvement in defined benefit salary related schemes.

PenTech's clients are professional international advisers and pension providers.

The individual client who is looking to these international advisers for advice, remains their client, which is what PenTech calls a "partnership" to bring increased credibility to international adviser's businesses.

Our Verdict
A Closer Look
Customer Reviews

PenTech claims to provide it's clients with the highest level of support, with the most experienced pension technicians and more importantly the latest technology.

In their own words, PenTech states that - 

"International professional advisers can feel isolated when confronted with a complex scheme on which their client is expecting instant and accurate answers followed by a solution. PenTech shares it’s wealth of knowledge and support to develop that important solution!"

Given that the HMRC pensions tax manual is so comprehensive, and by definition 'definitive', it’s hard to understand why any adviser who’s active in the pensions advice market would require such a service.  

PenTech's services include:

  1. Full technical support for international IFA's and product providers: UK and Internationally qualified staff who are approved pensioner trustees providing support.
  2. Training and competence seminars: To provide continual professional development for pension staff.
  3. Meetings and seminars: All over the world.
  4. Negotiations with scheme trustees and actuaries.

PenTech also offers a bureau service where they provide technical analysis. 

This is then followed up by one of a number of UK FCA authorised firms, to provide non-UK residents with the necessary FCA regulated advice associated with a transfer of rights in a UK defined benefit scheme to a QROPS or a SIPP.   

The advice letters generated by PenTech are, in our view, minimalist and highly standardised, seeking to just meet the requirement, rather than to fully inform the client.


We would recommend reading the expert verdict section of this review to learn why our team of experts gave PenTech 1 out of 5 stars in their independent review.

Additionally, here's a free guide that can help you achieve better results. In this guide, you'll learn:

  • Academic evidence only shared with a select few firms across the world
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The Pros

> Claim to have experienced technical staff

The Cons

> White labelled service from another firm
> Templated advice
> Highly impersonal
What does PenTech actually offer?

PenTech's services can be summarised below:

  • Full technical support for international IFA's and product providers.
  • They have UK and internationally qualified staff.
  • They are approved pensioner trustees and they provide international support.
  • Training and competence seminars - which deliver continual professional development for pension staff.
Who do PenTech work for? The client or IFAs?

PenTech work with IFAs for an IFA's client.

Their clients are basically professional international advisors and pension providers.

They advice your adviser - who in turn advice you!

PenTech say they are a partner to advisers and never deal with clients directly.

They are pensions technicians not IFAs providing financial advice - they are also not pension product providers.

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Expert assessment of PenTech

Our verdict is that a competent pensions adviser should be able to research technical matters without external help, and that the FCA-regulated advice service provided by PenTech, in relation to transfers of defined benefits, is highly impersonal and templated.

We suggesting reading the UK regulators advice on pension transfers.

Never deal with a firm that isn’t authorised as a UK pension transfer specialist.

Our advice would be to seek professional fee-based and independent advice if you have an existing SIPP or QROPS. For pensions worth £250,000 or more, we recommend contacting us for a Second Opinion.


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