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Our independent reviews are designed to help existing and potential investors make the best financial decisions, and the reviews of the most popular international investment platforms favoured by expatriates include new entrants to the marketplace, as well as long-term favourites - from Ardan to Saxo Capital Markets.

We look at the costs associated with each platform, the range of funds accessible, the technology behind each option - and discuss the pros and cons of your options. Our independent reviews are our own opinions on the international investment platforms most commonly used by international investors.  And we feature platform user reviews as well, so you get the benefit of experienced investor opinions to guide your well-informed decisions.

Each review below gets an AES rating, and comes with a generous topping of helpful information on the features and benefits associated with it. If you are an existing investor using these investment platforms, we recommend you taken advantage of a free 15-minute discovery call to determine whether you're beating the benchmark or falling short.

It will uncover whether you're paying too much in charges, taking on more risk than appropriate, and if you could be doing better.  It's not just a second opinion, it's an expert assessment of your financial health, designed to help you make the most of your wealth.

What is an international investment platform?

Platforms can be a great idea when it comes to managing your finances because they let you choose and hold all types of investments in one place.

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