Index Account™

No nonsense investing for the intelligent investor


Index Account™

Why the Index Account™ exists

For 14 years, AES International has worked to get international investors better results, nothing less.

Those most in need of a helping hand tend to be individuals who hold under £250,000 of investible assets, for whom bespoke financial advice is often not required. 

For such individuals we've created the AES Index Account™ - it's a simple and affordable investment solution designed to get you better results.

It’s easy to use and ideal if you want a better way to grow your money.  It has no lock-in period, no exit penalties and just one low annual fee.

Index Account™

What is the Index Account™?


  • It’s a low cost, flexible and easy way to invest.
  • It’s simple to use, and ideal if you want a better way to grow your money.
  • You get a diversified investment portfolio.
  • It is designed to give you peace of mind.
  • And help is always on hand with our remote support team.



How does it work ?

You deposit money, we invest it for you according to your risk tolerance.

You let it grow, and access it whenever you need.

It grows because we keep costs low, and use a Nobel Prize-winning investment philosophy.

You get an online account, access to our team of experts, and award-winning service whenever you need.

Benefit from automatic rebalancing and dividend reinvestment.


Index Account

Who's it for?

We've designed the Index Account™ with you in mind - if:

  • You have between £50,000 and £250,000 pounds, dollars or euros to invest;
  • You're looking for growth;
  • You're relatively new to investing or don't have time to manage your own money; and
  • You're looking for a return that matches your personal tolerance for risk.

You're free to come and go as you wish, but investing for the medium to long term will give your money the best chance for the most significant growth. 

How is your money invested?

We only use low cost ETFs.

Your money is invested in line with your risk profile, and your portfolio tracks a diversified mix of global markets.

You benefit from this low cost, evidence-based way to invest.

AES International is responsible for over half a billion USD of assets worldwide, and any funds in your Index Account™ are held by a secure and specialist custodian in Jersey, offering the security and benefits of high regulation and tax efficient investing.


3 good reasons to choose the Index Account™ 

“I've waited a long time for such a group to emerge. Expat investors have waited even longer.”

Andrew Hallam
Author of The Global Expatriates Guide to Investing

“I couldn't believe it when I stumbled across the Index Account - it was EXACTLY what I'd been looking for and didn't think such a solution even existed for expat investors.”

Rosie Harvey

“Excellent performance so far, fair charges, easy to set up - have recommended it to a number of friends. ”

Tracey Clark

    Frequently asked questions

    I’m worried about investing! Can you help me?

    If any of the below apply to you, then yes, we can help.

    Do you fret about money … but not enough to take action?

    Do you think investing and money is complicated?

    Would it be good if you could know, or understand better, how investing works?

    Do you want to avoid paying high fees?

    Do you want your money to be handled by people who know what they’re doing, people you can trust?

    Do you worry that your are keeping an old, lazy establishment alive, because you are not taking action with your money?

    Are you too busy to do the research yourself?

    Do you wish you could have a conversation with no jargon and easily accessible information that you can use to make decisions about your money?

    Have you handed money over to someone at a bank or some sort of adviser, without truly knowing what is happening to it? Do you know if they took a fee or commission? Do you know why you trusted them?

    Does your money have more importance for your children than for you?

    Do you need simple explanations, and layman's terms to understand anything about finance? (You’re not alone).

    Do you want your financial decisions to be on auto pilot, to not have to think or worry about them?

    How does the Index Account™ work?


    You tell us a little about yourself when you set up your account.

    Based on your answers, you will be matched with the most appropriate portfolio.

    Finally, we give you an online portal to see your results.

    What's the minimum/maximum contribution allowed?

    The minimum for further ad hoc payments is £ / $ / € / CHF 1,000.

    Contributions must be made from a bank account in your own name. We cannot accept third party payments e.g. Western Union (or other FX broker), business accounts, or accounts in the name of another person.

    If you have around £ / $ / € / CHF 250,000+ you may benefit from more personalised and bespoke financial planning advice, so please get in touch with our Chartered Financial Planners who will assist.

    How do I open an Index Account™?

    Download a self-explanatory Index Account opening checklist.

    We will be in touch within 48 hours of receipt of your documents to get your account up and running.

    And here are the forms you need for ongoing account management:

    Cash and dealing instruction – tells us how much you want to buy or sell (invest or withdraw).

    Change of bank details instruction  self-explanatory, but any questions let us know!

    Full surrender instruction  if you want to withdraw all your money and close your account.

    What are the costs associated with the Index Account™

    The Index Account™ costs 1.25% per annum, charged quarterly in arrears, and the investment portfolio costs 0.50% per year - meaning it's just 1.75% in total.

    No hidden charges, no nasty surprises.

    Looking for a better way to grow your money?