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International Payments

Save money with using spot transactions via our Currency Account™

    Making international payments has never been easier

    Exchange currency at competitive exchange rates with AES International's low-cost foreign exchange service.

    Opening your account couldn't be easier. 

    Contact us on:

    +971 (0) 4 559 4900

    Make international payments in three easy steps

    For individuals

    Use our FX service for:

    • Buying and selling property abroad
    • Make international payments to and from accounts in the same name
    • Repatriating funds to the UK

    For businesses

    Use our FX services for:

    • International invoices and bills
    • Importing or exporting costs
    • Buying and selling premises overseas

    What you get with us

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How does it work?

    1. Open a Currency Account

    Transfer the funds (to exchange) to us via bank transfer.

    2. Buy/sell your foreign currency

    Tell us how much you want to transfer or exchange and in what currency.

    3. We make your payment

    Tell us where to send your money.

    Where can I see your Terms of Business?
    You can view these here.
    How do I open a Currency Account™?

    To open a Currency Account™ you will need to complete the following and return them to currency@aesinternational.com

    1. International Tax Compliance form (ITC) 
    2. Anti Money Laundering (AML) documentation
    3. FX Instruction form
    How long will it take to open a Currency Account™?

    Once we receive your valid documents, it’s usually within 24 hours.

    How will I know the exchange rates to be used?

    We provide quotations upon request to all existing clients. All quotations are indicative and are intended for information purposes only.

    What if the exchange rate moves between now and when I transfer the funds to sell or to be used to buy?

    We cannot lock in rates or honour indicative rates. We will use a live exchange rate on the date we are in receipt of a valid instruction and cleared funds before cut off.

    How long do transfers take?

    Provided we've received your payment on time, in most cases we'll send out the foreign currency on the settlement date, which is two working days after the instruction is executed.

    How do I pay for currency transactions?

    The fee is taken from the consideration you wish to exchange.

    Can I transfer my funds from and to any bank account or remitter/beneficiary?

    We do not accept third-party payments to or from the AES Currency Account™ without necessary supporting paperwork. Usually, the remitter/beneficiary must be the AES Currency Account™ holder.

    Can you book the rate before I send the deposit?

    No. We can only process the foreign exchange with cleared funds.

    When can I give AES my order?

    Once your Currency Account™ is open you can immediately place your instruction.

    How can I check my Currency Account™ balance?

    Online access will be provided once the Currency Account™ is opened.

    What if I change my mind and want to cancel the instruction?

    If your original instruction has been processed, it cannot be reversed. We will need to re-sell your money and any extra costs will be charged to you.

    What are your cut-off times for payment instructions?

    Payment instructions will need to be received by us by 10:50 AM GST to be processed on the same business day. Payment instructions received after that time, or outside of our business days, will be processed on a best endeavours basis or on the following business day.

    Our business days are Sunday to Thursday, excluding public and bank holidays in the UAE and the UK.

    Find out more about our international payments service