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From confused and frustrated, to full of clarity, confidence and control.

Below are a few of the clients who are on the road to achieving their ideal future with AES. You will see different reasons that have resulted in the same outcome: a lifelong, problem-solving, possibility-capturing partnership. There's nothing more rewarding than being able to help steer our clients in a clear direction towards achieving their, and their families', life goals.

Adam and Jo talk about how AES helped them plan their repatriation.

Adam and Jo are successful businessowners planning their repatriation to New Zealand

I was looking for someone trustworthy.

After reading Andrew Hallam’s book, I discovered I shouldn’t be looking for an individual, but an organisation.

With AES I found that. They’re at the forefront of the evidence-based investment movement and I feel lucky to be part of this small community of enlightened investors who can expect better results.

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James, a global CEO talking about his investment experience with AES International.

James: global CEO on the brink of retirement

I wish I knew about AES sooner.

It would have saved me so much time, money and stress! I had innumerable bank accounts and policies before I met them. Now, I’m enjoying the peace of mind of a far simpler investment experience that’s keeping me and my wife on track to retire next year.

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Stefan and Alice talking about AES International helped them with their retirement planning.

Stefan and Alice: wanting to leave a £300,000 legacy for their children

Once again, thank you.

It’s this type of personal service, obsession with looking after us and getting great outcomes that make you guys special! We’ve made many personal sacrifices to ensure our dream retirement. It’s great to know our future is in safe hands.

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Fabio, a hotel manager in St. Petersburg talks about how AES gave him peace of mind.

Fabio: hotel manager in St Petersburg, wants to take care of his family

Peace of mind.

Over the years, AES have given me peace of mind that I’ll retire comfortably, and still manage to the travel the world and take care of my loved ones.

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Jack and Judy explain how AES helped them plan for retirement.

Jack and Judy: planning to retire and spend more time with their family

Quite honestly, one-in-a-million.

AES managed to reduce our potential IHT liability by over £1 million! Fantastic advice and service!

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Jim and Hannah explain how the Wealth Advice experts at AES helped them repatriate to the UK.

Jim and Hannah: young, professional parents looking to repatriate to the UK

A consummate professional in your corner.

There are several appealing things about AES. Firstly, their ability to show you the bigger picture. Secondly, the sounding board of having a consummate professional in your corner and the valuable insights they provide. I’ve a growing self-awareness that I may not always be right. Making decisions about my own investments is more difficult than the decisions I make as a lawyer!

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Valerie and Nick talk about how the financial planning services offered by AES helped them turn their life around.


I can’t begin to tell you how much AES has changed our lives.

They turned our entire financial situation around in such a way that we’re able to retire sooner than expected! After 24 years working in the desert, we look forward to an early retirement somewhere along the coast.

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Daniel recounts his experience with the financial services industry and how AES International has helped him gain clarity.

Daniel and Katy: always keeping their end goals in sight

Convinced I’d never trust someone within financial services again.

Before AES, I lost £50,000 – ultimately because I made poor decisions. I was convinced I’d never trust someone within financial services again until I attended an event by Andrew Hallam and he called AES the ‘lifeboat of the international marketplace’. That was 4 years ago and our relationship with AES has gone from strength to strength!

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Paul and Karen talk about how AES International helped them plan for a secure retirement.

Paul and Karen: parents of 2 sons, working towards retiring in Ireland

Our dream retirement is closer than ever.

There’s simply no better trusted financial steward for me and my family!

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Nick and Evie talk about their financial planning experience with AES.

Nick and Evie: putting their family before anything else

An effortless relationship!

Ever been on a family holiday where everyone is taken care of, you have an incredible sense of peace and everything exceeds expectations? It’s a lot like that.

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Heather and Pete explain how the financial planning experts at AES helped them navigate their tax and investments.

Heather and Pete: living life on their terms in Dubai

We were worried about tax and investments.

There’s great complexity that comes with being global citizens. We were worried about tax and investments. After reviewing our situation, AES helped put our financial situation in perspective. Now, we’re confident our investments are working well and have greater clarity and control over our futures.

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