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As a senior international professional, your overseas income combined with hard work and perseverance will help you become wealthier than you are today.  

Will you retire comfortably, travel the world, donate to your favourite charities and give your children a head start in life?  

Most importantly, how much will you need to make your goals happen?  

Don’t worry if you can’t calculate a precise figure. Having a rough estimate is a good start. 

The next step is to ensure you have the information you need to help you along the way. 

Here are our top resources for high-net-worth individuals. 

Independent Reviews

These independent reviews by our team of experts aims to cover the investments, platforms, pension plans and providers most commonly used by senior international professionals. View more here

Private Banks reviews

Private Banks

Is your private bank demonstrating a high level of trust and an unyielding duty of care? Are you working with a private banker, or a salesperson? Find out here.

Offshore Banks reviews

Offshore Banks

Facts and expert opinions on the offshore bank accounts and service providers most commonly used by international investors.

Offshore Savings Plans reviews

Offshore Savings Plans

Find out which plans pay hidden commission, lock an investor in, forces them to pay surrender charges to exit and more in these reviews.

Offshore Investment Bonds reviews

Offshore Investment Bonds

We examine the most commonly sold bond products for international professionals and provide you with pros, cons and expert opinions.

International Trusts reviews

International Trusts

View the potential benefits and applications for each international trust option, as well as the pros and cons of each.

International Pension Trustees reviews

International Pension Trustees

Each review below gets an AES rating and comes with a generous topping of helpful information on the features and benefits associated with it.


Lifetime cashflow modelling

Lifetime cashflow modelling offers you an in-depth financial projection that will help keep your future on track. It is an opportunity to pause, take stock, and evaluate your current financial position, helping you identify what's important in the short, medium and long term. 

Read more here

Financial advice in Dubai


Financial advice in Dubai

Building your own financial security as a senior international professional is like a bridge between your current and future self. It can take years, but done well, can be magnificent. If you’re looking for financial advice while working in Dubai, the most important thing is to find a professional financial planner, backed by an organisation you can trust. 

Read more here



Here are three calculators to help you see whether you’re on your way to achieving your goals: the compound interest calculator to determine how much your money can grow and the cost-benefit calculator to determine if our fees are worth it. 

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Clients come to us for a number of reasons

However, one thing all clients have is common is that they are looking for someone they can trust. Someone who will steer them through the good times and the bad and help them achieve their financial goals. Read all our client reviews here.

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